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Magic Submitter Review – Your Questions and Answers

What is Magic Submitter?

It’s a link building tool – it registers accounts and post content on a large number of web 2.0, article, etc. sites quickly, making use of spun content (with built in spinner) to build links to whatever site you choose.

It’s a good link building tool and can save a lot of time and effort compared to building the links manually. I’ve written a review in more detail here.

How much does it cost?

It’s a monthly membership pf $67 a month, but there is a 7 day trial for only $7.

Is there a free trial?

No, but there is a very cheap $7 for 7 days trial. Click here to get the exclusive discount trial.

Is it a full trial for $7 or limited trial?

It’s a limited trial – you will only be able to post to a selection of sites during the trial.  You can buy both the trial and the full edition here.

Do the sort of links that Magic Submitter builds still work in 2016?

Yes. There have been a number of Google updates over the years, and they have discounted the value of a lot of link types, but I use this software to build links successfully – I’ve built them to this site, among others, and this site is on the first of Google page for the search query “Magic Submitter” in the USA, UK, Australia, etc.

I have built other link types too (most notably high PR homepage links) but spun content on article sites, comments, and other types of links that Magic Submitter

How many sites does Magic Submitter post to?

Magic Submitter posts to article directories, web 2.0 sites, social bookmarks, guestbook sites, directories, blogs and more sites. Currently there are over 5,000 sites that it is actively submitting (successfully) to.

The software is frequently updated (which is why there is a monthly fee) so old sites that no longer work are removed and new ones added.

How does it compare to other software like SE Nuke or GSA Search Engine Ranker?

It’s similar to both in that it posts content to build links. I’ve written in much more detail about what’s included, the good and bad points here.

In summary though, it’s cheaper than SE Nuke and less complicated to use than GSA SER.

Is there a spinner/spinning tool included?

Yes there is basic spinner included – it’s built into Magic Submitter. The core function is the submitter, but a good spinning function is included.

Does it integrate with other spinners, like Magic Article Rewriter?

With Magic Article Rewriter, which is also built by the same developer, it does directly integrate. You can also use spinners like Word AI or The Best Spinner and copy and paste the spun content into Magic Submitter easily.

Can it run through proxies?

Yes it can.

Do you recommend proxies?

Only if you are building large volumes flings per day.

Do you need to buy anything else / are there any other costs?

There may be yes. It comes with a built in spinning tool, so you don’t need to buy one of those (although there are some good ones like Word AI and The Best Spinner).

The software will encounter captchas though, and you can either solve them yourself or pay for a service to do it. Luckily they are cheap – about $1 per 1,000 catch solves if you use DeathByCaptcha.

That’s it though – no other costs.

Does it require a captcha solver to work?

Magic Submitter doesn’t need one, but if you don’t use a captcha solving service (it integrates with all the main ones) then you will need to solve captchas yourself.

Captcha Sniper (one time fee for the software) integrates fully with Magic Submitter too, so you could use that instead/as well for solving captchas.

Is it easy to use?

Yes – it’s one of the most simple automated link building tools available. It comes with training videos and a guide too, which is very helpful.

The tech support is good too.

Does it come with any tutorials or training?

Yes – there are many tutorials, a detailed manual and videos that show you ow to get it up and running,the best link building methods to use with Magic Submitter, etc.

Do I need to download and install it on my computer?

Yes – or you can run it on a VPS, anything as long as it’s Windows. The download is available from the Magic Submitter site directly after purchasing it.

Does it require Windows?

Yes – it runs on all versions of Windows.

Can it run on a VPS?

Yes – if it’s Windows.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes – a 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes – cancel any time.

Can I pay with PayPal?


Do you use it for tier 1 or tier 2 backlinks?

I use it for both. In my experience as long as you don’t blast out too many links all at once with this sort of software, then you can use it on tier 1 directly to your money site. I start off building 10-15 verified links per day, then gradually work up, for a new site.

It’s good at building large volumes of links though, so it’s perfectly suited to building up tiers 2, 3, 4, etc. if you have them.

Can it be scheduled?


Is there a built in captcha solver?

Yes, but it also integrates with all of the main captcha solving services like DeathByCaptcha.

Does it take long to learn how to use?

It depends how familiar you are with this sort of software. It’s probably the easiest to use of the main link building tools – much easier in my opinion than GSA and SE Nuke, for example, although they are very good tools too.

There is a detailed manual that I’d recommend reading first.

Do you use Magic Submitter?

Yes – I’ve used it successfully myself. I’ve also used a number of other tools as well and this was about the easiest to use.

It’s good tool and I’d recommend it as a link building tool.

I’ve recently become an affiliate of Magic Submitter too.

Do you recommend Magic Submitter to someone who is building sniper sites and using exact match domains?

Yes. This site (magicsubmitterreviews.com) is an EMD and it’s one of the tools I used to get this site to the top of Google.

I’ve written a review of the software here. There are also some good comments in the Warrior Forum about Magic Submitter as well here.

Is there a lifetime licence?

Yes – click here to buy the lifetime licence.