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Magic Submitter Review – Your Questions and Answers

What is Magic Submitter?

It’s a link building tool – it registers accounts and post content on a large number of web 2.0, article, etc. sites quickly, making use of spun content (with built in spinner) to build links to whatever site you choose.

It’s a good link building tool and can save a lot of time and effort compared to building the links manually. I’ve written a review in more detail here.

How much does it cost?

It’s a monthly membership pf $67 a month, but there is a 7 day trial for only $7.

Is there a free trial?

No, but there is a very cheap $7 for 7 days trial. Click here to get the exclusive discount trial.

Is it a full trial for $7 or limited trial?

It’s a limited trial – you will only be able to post to a selection of sites during the trial.  You can buy both the trial and the full edition here.

Do the sort of links that Magic Submitter builds still work in 2016?

Yes. There have been a number of Google updates over the years, and they have discounted the value of a lot of link types, but I use this software to build links successfully – I’ve built them to this site, among others, and this site is on the first of Google page for the search query “Magic Submitter” in the USA, UK, Australia, etc.

I have built other link types too (most notably high PR homepage links) but spun content on article sites, comments, and other types of links that Magic Submitter

How many sites does Magic Submitter post to?

Magic Submitter posts to article directories, web 2.0 sites, social bookmarks, guestbook sites, directories, blogs and more sites. Currently there are over 5,000 sites that it is actively submitting (successfully) to.

The software is frequently updated (which is why there is a monthly fee) so old sites that no longer work are removed and new ones added.

How does it compare to other software like SE Nuke or GSA Search Engine Ranker?

It’s similar to both in that it posts content to build links. I’ve written in much more detail about what’s included, the good and bad points here.

In summary though, it’s cheaper than SE Nuke and less complicated to use than GSA SER.

Is there a spinner/spinning tool included?

Yes there is basic spinner included – it’s built into Magic Submitter. The core function is the submitter, but a good spinning function is included.

Does it integrate with other spinners, like Magic Article Rewriter?

With Magic Article Rewriter, which is also built by the same developer, it does directly integrate. You can also use spinners like Word AI or The Best Spinner and copy and paste the spun content into Magic Submitter easily.

Can it run through proxies?

Yes it can.

Do you recommend proxies?

Only if you are building large volumes flings per day.

Do you need to buy anything else / are there any other costs?

There may be yes. It comes with a built in spinning tool, so you don’t need to buy one of those (although there are some good ones like Word AI and The Best Spinner).

The software will encounter captchas though, and you can either solve them yourself or pay for a service to do it. Luckily they are cheap – about $1 per 1,000 catch solves if you use DeathByCaptcha.

That’s it though – no other costs.

Does it require a captcha solver to work?

Magic Submitter doesn’t need one, but if you don’t use a captcha solving service (it integrates with all the main ones) then you will need to solve captchas yourself.

Captcha Sniper (one time fee for the software) integrates fully with Magic Submitter too, so you could use that instead/as well for solving captchas.

Is it easy to use?

Yes – it’s one of the most simple automated link building tools available. It comes with training videos and a guide too, which is very helpful.

The tech support is good too.

Does it come with any tutorials or training?

Yes – there are many tutorials, a detailed manual and videos that show you ow to get it up and running,the best link building methods to use with Magic Submitter, etc.

Do I need to download and install it on my computer?

Yes – or you can run it on a VPS, anything as long as it’s Windows. The download is available from the Magic Submitter site directly after purchasing it.

Does it require Windows?

Yes – it runs on all versions of Windows.

Can it run on a VPS?

Yes – if it’s Windows.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes – a 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes – cancel any time.

Can I pay with PayPal?


Do you use it for tier 1 or tier 2 backlinks?

I use it for both. In my experience as long as you don’t blast out too many links all at once with this sort of software, then you can use it on tier 1 directly to your money site. I start off building 10-15 verified links per day, then gradually work up, for a new site.

It’s good at building large volumes of links though, so it’s perfectly suited to building up tiers 2, 3, 4, etc. if you have them.

Can it be scheduled?


Is there a built in captcha solver?

Yes, but it also integrates with all of the main captcha solving services like DeathByCaptcha.

Does it take long to learn how to use?

It depends how familiar you are with this sort of software. It’s probably the easiest to use of the main link building tools – much easier in my opinion than GSA and SE Nuke, for example, although they are very good tools too.

There is a detailed manual that I’d recommend reading first.

Do you use Magic Submitter?

Yes – I’ve used it successfully myself. I’ve also used a number of other tools as well and this was about the easiest to use.

It’s good tool and I’d recommend it as a link building tool.

I’ve recently become an affiliate of Magic Submitter too.

Do you recommend Magic Submitter to someone who is building sniper sites and using exact match domains?

Yes. This site (magicsubmitterreviews.com) is an EMD and it’s one of the tools I used to get this site to the top of Google.

I’ve written a review of the software here. There are also some good comments in the Warrior Forum about Magic Submitter as well here.

Is there a lifetime licence?

Yes – click here to buy the lifetime licence.

About This Site and Magic Submitter

Magic Submitter is to a great deal of top ranking sites to your weblog/web site content without a doubt an all-in-one entry application. Among the main aspects of the software is how long it saves you. With past, a copy and only several clicks here and there, this software automatically transmits your content wherever you designate it to. You can also schedule promotions to run to get a certain period of time on any day that you choose to to perform it on for as a number of days times as you want it to operate.

Magic Submitter poster assisting your site to position on page-1 on any search engine and lets you get many back-links that is different to advertise it. You are able to send your content through social bookmarks, post directories, wordpress blogs, blog websites, forum web sites, microblogs, web 2.0 sites, and many many more. You may get numbers that are tremendous backlinks per key word/site you are planning to rank.

You may also be studying another magic submitter review or found software. Most people will examine magic submitter poster and after the study myself have done wonder Submitter is not apparently just somewhat better than Se Nuke, nevertheless some tools are almost 3x the price. Magic submission is $6) monthly and enables you to try it out the first month for only $4.95, plus Magic Submitter comes with a sixty day cash back guarantee.

With Magic submitter you are able to send a large number of hyperlinks at the tap of a button and this helps for many folks since it’s a huge time-saver. You need to be careful though because you should be sure when you are building your links they appear normal to the search engines. A trendy feature about Magic poster is it allows one to create a campaign and develop a variety of links over a time period so that it will seem normal and you do not get the Yahoo slap from or penguin software upgrades and loose your entire traffic.

After studying other users poster review that is magic and professionally utilizing Magic submission myself for the previous a few months months I will state that the hyperlinks magic submitter sends to blog or your website are a really good combination of premium quality and good links. Myself like that Magic submission enables you to really see the links and examine the quality.

You can actually begin to see the PR of each link before you send it and choose whenever you prefer to send some links that are mo re average or in case you only wish to send higher quality links.

I do still recommend you use more than simply Magic submitter in your link building method if you are seeking some truly aggressive keywords, because although wonder poster can serve as an all in one instrument it may not be enough. Backlinks you have to have in order to outrank and beat your competition to steal their traffic/ money you’ll need a strong ninja tool that I use called Market Samurai should you not learn the way to check how aggressive key words are or how many truly.

I created this quick video showing you just how impressive and easy magic submitter operates, the selection along with quality of hyperlinks the software provides, some insider suggestions about Magic Submitter, and even show you evidence of how Magic Submitter has helped me rate on page 1 for my keywords.

Among the primary affairs you should consider and ask yourself before you buy any search engine optimization connecting marketing or building software is are the links worthwhile? Do Google actually get one to the peak of the search engines so you get more prospects and sales for the company and can easily bring traffic to your own website?

It is really one of the best issues and my favourite about wonder submission because you do not have to devote tons of cash and buy a few tools to get the combination of different quality and quantity of links while it produces a large selection of both quality and measure back-links to immediately boost your positions, and shove them to the highest part of the search engines in under a couple of weeks.

Where other resources have a 14 day trial and is finished $100 per month, and only has 30-day money-back guarantee. For the purpose or function of each and the purchase price, Magic submitter blows SenNuke outside of the water hands down. You get virtually the exact same number and quality of links to get a portion of the price. Magic submission rocks and supplies you the keys to the kingdom while it takes your business to the very best.

You actually have nothing to lose and everything when checking out the Magic Submitter software out to acquire.

Notes about Magic Submitter and what’s included

Magic Submitter is a software program that builds links to sites that you designate.  It’s great for building contextual links (such as web 2.0, articles, etc.) and comes with a built in spinner as well to save time.

It’s one of the leading link building tools and has been popular for about 4 years now – cheaper than some other tools and more popular that others that started around the same time.  There are many positive reviews of it online.

At $47 a month it’s one of the more reasonably priced automated link building tools – certainly much cheaper than SE Nuke which comes in at a rather more costly $127 a month.  This isn’t the only cost for either of them though – unless you want to solve hundreds of captchas yourself, you’ll need a service to do that, but they are usually inexpensive.

The same is true if you want to run a significant number of projects – then you’ll probably need proxies, and if you cannot be bothered to write your won content, then tools like Kontent Machine or SEO Content Machine will come in handy – and perhaps a spinner like The Best Spinner or Word AI too.  Neither of these are essential though – but they could save you time.

There are many great features of Magic Submitter though – I’ve written more about these below.

Live Training – Each month you may find a way to participate in a a live Training that is Free Call – where you get the regular updates about the most recent styles and strategies you can use to control your marketplace online and can ask about marketing strategies. With Magic Submitter, users can focus on internet marketing only.

Besides the training videos, there is a user forum, where you are able to try to ask inquiries and find out more about utilizing the application. Magic Submitter has a complete training platform consisting video training vault of an interactive forum, with and live coaching calls.

Alex Krulik has had an opportunity to help while ranking people better many they promote their on-line marketers. Alex Krulik has had a chance to help while ranking people better also many they promote their online businesses.

Magic Submitter application states the application is the precious one to help them control their marketplace by receiving their message, goods, services, ranking to the marketplace’s composer. Magic Submitter is a web-based tool that is proven and time tested to be useful in helping online marketers’ marketplace is dominated by they.

You do not need to worry in regards to the services’ upgrades since you are provided by the company monthly with services and fresh characteristics to ensure that the software is definitely state of the art. Each month, the team offers services and new upgrades attributes to the software users.

Magic Submitter Specialists is a team of search engine optimization professionals supplying link and article spinning construction services. Individuals getting tremendous success and are building market sites one after another.

Content can be posted by it video websites, PDF websites, press release websites, newsgroups, websites and much more, and you’ll be able to schedule it to function mechanically.

If you’re building lots of websites and ranking them (and can afford the $47 a month + any other services that you want) a tool like Magic Submitter could be one of the best investments in your business you will make.

A Basic Guide to Link Building and SEO

An easy definition of link building is it is the skill of getting other sites to link to your own web site to increase your positions in Google. There are a number of ways to create links.

This link construction guide is for beginners – it is not a guide on the best way to spam Google. The quality link construction strategy of one guy is just another guy’s abnormal link profile.

Keep in mind that because in the event that you’ve spammy links pushing your ranks up, the Google internet junk team is planning to demote your company in it is free listings. And so are your challengers.

Not all link building is internet junk and building links is a really important factor .

Natural and Un-Natural Link Building (Black and White Hat)

Google needs to reward ‘user value include’ emphasized by links that are organic. They would like to reward’ user experience that is great’, essentially – and links that are abnormal do not form any part of that theory.  Sort of.

Links Google needs to count’s type doesn’t scale readily, and the truth is, the form of links that scale readily are just the kind of links Google needs to (at best) retroactively penalize the breach or blow off.

Maybe that’s the entire purpose.

Critics will say this because seo is the largest, is risk to Adwords, Google’s sponsored marketing channel – but if Google did not take action on industrial scale exploitation – it’d make their guidelines’ existence redundant.

If there is a link manipulative it is junk, based on Google.

Machine automation isn’t needed by you .

Take note that when it works without you leaping through the worth add hoop at the center of the strategy Google demands to control Google you jump through – it is junk. In a nutshell, it’s clear in case it’s a scalable method of controlling Google – it is junk.

The professional services sector, which the Google pagerank machine leads greatly, has little potential for deviating Google’s heavy handed tactic, for fear of, some say, from Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Links that are abnormal can not be the day job for any professional search engine optimization who has the obligation for the website traffic these days of a real company.

Some can say ‘link building is not alive’ but truth be told, in 2015, your rankings still affects in a BIG manner, either favorably, if from a trusted source if flagged through time, as questionable.

Quality content drives the organic link construction end-results Google maintains it needs to reward.

Keeping and getting various distinct separate top quality links for your web site continues to be the most significant aspect in competitive markets not riddled with junk in receiving outstanding traffic.

For the most part Google will blow off lots of your links, and can reward any website over time, with domain power, on the basis of the characteristic of the links you’ve managed to have leveled at your website.

Posting a lot of press releases that are low quality or low quality client posts on websites having a history of spamming Google – that is junk also.

Everything comes to the end product – the kind of link you create as an outcome of your action.

Rating adjustments, I believe, might be based by how long you got away with tricking Google – and what Google believes that deserves.

It is been the case historically that more domain power you’ve got, the exceptional offering you desire in regards to content.

First Post – Welcome to my Magic Submitter Guides site!

Hello and welcome to magicsubmitterreviews.com!

I’ve just set this site up, so if you’re reading this in October 2015 then you’re one of my very first visitors!  Woo Hoo!

I’m going to add much more content to this site soon, but for now I just wanted to write a quick post to explain what this site is about and what you can expect it to be like soon when everything is fully set up.

The main focus of this site will be an in depth Magic Submitter review – looking at what it’s capabilities are, whats good, whats bad, how to use it most effectively and where it fits into an effective SEO strategy.  I should mention that I’m an affiliate for Magic Submitter at this point and that I may earn a commission if you buy it through one of the links on my site.

I’m also an experienced SEO expert and ‘sniper site’ builder – and have been for a few years now.  I’ve built and made money from a lot of small sites, and I’ve ranked them using automated link building software like Magic Submitter and GSA Search Engine Ranker (both of which I would recommend).

I’ll also post some case studies, tutorials and guides to help new users get started and explain what they need to make a success of their first sites.

Please do check back later – I’ll be adding a lot of content to this site in the coming months.