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First Post – Welcome to my Magic Submitter Guides site!

Hello and welcome to magicsubmitterreviews.com!

I’ve just set this site up, so if you’re reading this in October 2015 then you’re one of my very first visitors!  Woo Hoo!

I’m going to add much more content to this site soon, but for now I just wanted to write a quick post to explain what this site is about and what you can expect it to be like soon when everything is fully set up.

The main focus of this site will be an in depth Magic Submitter review – looking at what it’s capabilities are, whats good, whats bad, how to use it most effectively and where it fits into an effective SEO strategy.  I should mention that I’m an affiliate for Magic Submitter at this point and that I may earn a commission if you buy it through one of the links on my site.

I’m also an experienced SEO expert and ‘sniper site’ builder – and have been for a few years now.  I’ve built and made money from a lot of small sites, and I’ve ranked them using automated link building software like Magic Submitter and GSA Search Engine Ranker (both of which I would recommend).

I’ll also post some case studies, tutorials and guides to help new users get started and explain what they need to make a success of their first sites.

Please do check back later – I’ll be adding a lot of content to this site in the coming months.